Rebecca Fein

Professional Speaker, Trainer, Public Health & Social Justice Advocate

Hey, I’m Becky (she/her).


Photo by John Burgess/The Press Democrat

I am an avid advocate and passionate public speaker, with a specific focus on sexual assault, bystander intervention, the power of storytelling in service to community-building and healing, and survivor empowerment. I work with aspiring speakers to help them hone and craft their messages.

I am the Founding Director of the Powerful Voices Project, a documentary film series that explores recovery and resilience after experiencing sexual assault. I co-created the Powerful Voices Project in 2011 after having the profound experience of unraveling the confusion around having been raped through personal story-sharing with a close friend. The documentary series, including my own, are available to the public, and have been viewed thousands of times.

My work has been featured in many news outlets, including national coverage with NBC News and NowThis.

I believe fervently in the power of story-sharing in service to my own and others’ healing. My story includes a personal journey of healing, lessons learned as a professional advocate and survivor of sexual assault, and an interactive discussion of becoming active bystanders and dispelling a culture that perpetuates violence.

For the past five years, (in addition to building on the Powerful Voices Project,) I have helped to create and evaluate innovative mental health advocacy efforts with young adults under the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) at Santa Rosa Junior College, Sonoma State University, and most recently, Active Minds.

Contact me to discuss speaking engagements, training requests, workshops, or individual coaching.